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October 11, 2010 05:30PM

At the Mondrian Hotel, Josh Wagner, founding member of the Soho Beach House sat down with Plum TV host Jennifer Santiago to talk about Miami’s newesthot spot,” in the video above. “It fills a niche that doesn’t exist right now,” in Miami, said Dirk DeSouza, a marketing consultant who was on hand a few days ago at the inaugural Mercedes Benz event held at the Soho Beach House, which opened last week. Santiago also spoke to Mark Zilbert, managing broker of Zilbert Realty Group, about the housing market in Miami. “There’s doom and gloom across the country, but there is something very special about Miami,” Zilbert said. He said that sales over the last 12 months have increased 26.7 percent, while prices for the top 25 sales went up almost 5 percent, with the majority of buyers coming from out of town. “South Beach is holding strong,” he added. “There are good deals at every price point.”