Trump, Obama neck-in-neck in hypothetical presidential match-up

February 23, 2011 06:29PM

From left: Barack Obama and Donald Trump

President Barack Obama’s job approval rating might be up to 50 percent but, according to a recent poll, the commander-in-chief is just as popular with the public as real estate tycoon Donald Trump. The Newsweek/Daily Beast poll, which asked which contender respondents would vote for in an Obama-Trump match-up, showed that 43 percent would vote for the president, while 40 percent would vote for Trump. In this evening’s episode of “Inside Edition,” Trump responds to the poll, saying that he’s “very honored by it,” but he’s “not that surprised because it’s not me, it’s a message and people get it.” Trump has hinted at the possibility of a presidential bid numerous times, stating that he’s displeased with the country’s current direction. On tonight’s show, Trump said he’s likely to announce his presidential intentions (or lack thereof) “sometime in June or prior to June” on the program. [InsideEdition]