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March 25, 2011 04:43PM

Marlins park navigates retail market 

Yeah, like people are going to flock to an empty baseball stadium for shopping and dining. That’s almost as stupid as the overall concept and location of this stadium.

Ft. Lauderdale church facing eviction, two years after eminent domain ruling 

The idea that someone — whoever — will take what you legally own just does not feel right. If someone can just kick you out of your property at any moment, then you never really owned it in the first place.

Scott supports property insurer changes 

If I read this correctly, the protections are all for helping insurance companies weasel out of claims and to allow them to raise rates unabated. How about worrying about the residents of this state?

NAR looks to raise $80M for political campaigns with $40-a-year dues hike 

Make it a volumtary contribution, with no limit.