The Real Deal Miami

Property tax bills gain steam

April 19, 2011 10:57AM

If new bills in the Florida legislature get approved, first-time
homebuyers, out-of-state investors and business owners could see their
property taxes fall.  “There are thousands of unoccupied homes,
beautiful homes, throughout the state of Florida that need a resident,”
said Sen. Mike Fasano, a sponsor of the bills. “This is a huge incentive
to have people come to Florida and enjoy our beautiful state.” The
bills would mean a referendum in which voters would choose whether to
amend the constitution to impose a lower cap on property taxes for
owners of investment and commercial property. Florida Realtors are a
strong supporter of the bill. “We think that offering more protection
and predictability for Florida’s investors and business owners is what
will keep the state’s economy going,” said lobbyist Trey Price. [Palm
Beach Post]