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Banks offer $5B to settle improper mortgages

May 11, 2011 05:33PM

In negotiating a settlement with state attorneys general and federal officials over improper mortgage practices and foreclosure abuses, the Wall Street Journal reported that banks are suggesting a $5 billion payment (see video above). But some federal regulators say banks ought to pay $20 billion. While there’s no firm deadline, bank regulators want to arrive at an appropriate fee within 60 days, and then must determine how best to deploy that cash. According to the Journal, banks would prefer to pay it as a “ransom” to the treasury, but some policymakers insist that the cash ought to go towards paying down loan balances for American borrowers, to help spur the market. Another option could be for banks to help Americans who were improperly foreclosed on, by offering cash to subsidize rent on a new home.