The Real Deal Miami

Unused lots all over PBC

May 23, 2011 09:10AM

There are nearly 3,567 vacant parcels of land owned by either Palm Beach
County or its municipalities, with a value totaling $734 million, according to the Palm Beach Post. But
because of the foreclosure crisis, many of these sites aren’t getting
the attention they deserve. “They get less maintenance than they would
have gotten three or four years ago,” said city manager Paul Schofield.
“Budget’s down. The staff’s down. We have fewer dollars and fewer
people.” Ross Hering, director of the Property and Real Estate
Management Division for the county, said the county owned “a bunch of
lots,” with many deeded to the county by developers as part of zoning
regulations. But selling the sites could pose a problem, as many are
either strangely-shaped, hard to access or even promised to charitable
organizations. “Our board has expressed interested in trying to [sell]
surplus property,” said Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams.
“But you have to have buyers.” [Palm
Beach Post]