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June 03, 2011 02:06PM

U.S. home prices increase for first time since homebuyer tax credit was revoked
A lot of today’s buyers are not median-salaried South Floridians. We have a lot of out of town and foreign buyers that are willing to pay for homes in the best communities in Miami. They want their families to live in the best neighborhoods and attend the best schools. This does create an issue of affordability to our local South Floridians but it is a reality of our market.

Former J-Lo home sees price jump

1. Miami Beach is a different market and much hotter than Hobe or Palm Beach. This market has been in demand throughout. The inventory is down. Nevertheless, that type of an increase may not be warranted.

2. “‘Basically, we’ve had several offers on it in the $20 [million range], and the seller is looking for more,’ Gonzalez, a senior vice president at Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell, said.” Gee, maybe THAT’S where the market for the house is! Increase it to $34.5 million and STILL get offers in the $20 million range. Won’t THAT look great!

Cornerstone hit with Fair Housing suit
I have done work with Cornerstone in the past and they are a reputable and concerned developer. Why does one hand of the government approve and another disapprove. This is what is wrong with this country and this government. We are consistently and constantly divided to the point that anything and everything is reproachable. Can’t we all just get along?