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Author Jeffrey Shaara sues lobbyist Brian Ballard over Tallahassee home dispute

June 15, 2011 11:28AM

A legal dispute is playing out between powerhouse lobbyist Brian Ballard and well-known author Jeffrey Shaara who bought Ballard’s Tallahassee home last year, according to the Miami Herald. Shaara is suing Ballard, who, he claims, never told him the house had extensive wood rot. Ballard denies the allegations.

Shaara bought the 5,600-square-foot northeast Tallahassee home for $950,000 after the house passed two inspections. While selling his house to Shaara, Ballard was working on the construction of a much larger house next door.

After moving in, Shaara’s lawsuit says, he discovered that “the Ballards had materially misrepresented the condition of the property … There was extensive wood rot inside the exterior walls around the doors and windows.”

Shaara requested $120,000 from Ballard in March 2011 to pay for repairs, but when Ballard did not comply, Shaara filed a lawsuit.

“I want my money back,” Shaara said. “I was defrauded.” [Miami Herald]