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Trump sued over clothing licensing deal

July 29, 2011 06:19PM

Donald Trump

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump is facing a lawsuit with regard to a clothing licensing deal he had with apparel corporation PVH, USA Today reported. The idea was for Trump’s name to appear on a line of dress shirts and formal neckwear. ALM International, another company, claims that after it helped arrange a meeting that led to the deal, Trump signed checks worth $300,000 for 11 consecutive months of payment for ALM’s work in brokering the agreement, and then stopped paying. Trump called the lawsuit insignificant, and claimed that the payments he made were likely a mistake to begin with because he wasn’t aware of them. He also said he didn’t think ALM had contributed much to the deal. Trump’s attorney George Ross testified in pretrial depositions that ALM was paid more than it was due in those first 11 months. However, Cathy Glosser, Trump’s executive vice president of global licensing, said Ross told her to make sure ALM got paid. According to lawsuit documents obtained by USA Today, Trump regularly signs mountains of payments often without paying attention to invoices. This is one of several civil suits Trump is involved in that allege that his licensing or business deals cost clients, buyers or associates millions of dollars in losses. [USA Today]