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Russian outer space hotel unveils images

August 22, 2011 03:17PM

Renderings of the exterior and interior of the outer space hotel

If you thought the price of staying in a Manhattan hotel was astronomical, check out the price of an actual hotel in orbit, 217 miles above planet earth, that Russian firm Orbital Technologies released renderings of and hopes to have built and ready for occupancy by 2016.

Reuters reported that the seven-guest spacecraft would charge guests about $1 million for a five-day stay. The commercial space station, as it will be called, will use vacuum toilets, but there are conflicting reports as to the level of luxury reserved for the shower and the food. While Reuters cited an Orbital executive who said visitors would eat space food and take sponge baths, the Daily Mail reported that it will offer guests gourmet food prepared on earth and microwaved in space and a special shower technique that allows for running water.

Lest you get concerned that this news is symbolic of a Russian return to the front of the space race, it’s worth noting that these plans were unveiled as part of a national campaign to follow the U.S. into heavy space tourism investment.

“The U.S. has more possibilities than us right now,” Alexander Derechin, deputy chief designer for Russia’s partly state-owned space contractor RKK Energia, told Reuters. [Reuters and Daily Mail]