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More Florida homes going solar

August 22, 2011 02:50AM

Brian Willever’s solar-powered home in Greenacres is so green, Florida
Power and Light actually owed him money for the first three months of
the year. The Willevers’ upgrades, which cost about $60,000 to install
in their home, have reduced a $350-per-month electricity bill to just
around $7. More Florida homeowners are installing solar panels as part
of a 2007 law that made it easier for customers with renewable energy
installations to connect to the grid. Green customers made $17,117 in
payments from FPL for power they produced last year, using both wind
turbines and solar panels. “[Many] see solar as a better alternative
than some of their retirement plans,” said Justin Hoysradt of
Jupiter-based solar installation company Abundant Energy. [Sun