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States where no one wants to build a home

August 23, 2011 12:32PM

Building permit activity has fallen since the crash in 2007, but there
are signs that builders have almost completely stopped activity in a
number of states, where no one seems to want to buy a new home. At the
top (or bottom) of the list is Rhode Island, where building permits have
declined 70.81 percent in the last six years, and there are just 312
building permits so far this year. New York, which has what is one of the largest
housing markets in the country, has seen 11,033 building permits in
2011, but that number is a 61.8 percent drop from 2005 — and less than
half of the 28,921 permits taken out in 2005. Florida is not among the top 10. [MSNBC]