Trump to Wall Street protesters: Let’s go to D.C.

Developer Donald Trump had some advice for the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who have camped out in a New York City park for more than a month, in an interview with Sean Hannity that appeared on Fox News last night (see video above).

“If I could speak to that group,” he said, jokingly admitting he’s probably not the person they’d want to hear from, “I’d say, ‘Folks, let’s go. Let’s hop on the train, let’s hop on the planes — we’re going down to Washington.'”

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That answer was prompted in part by Hannity, who showed no restraint in expressing his dismay for the Obama administration’s policy towards the banks.

But earlier in the interview, Trump admitted banks “have not been treating people properly.” He said they should never have been bailed out by taxpayers, and now that they have received that money, they must be more willing to lend to American homebuyers and homeowners.

Therefore, Trump argued, the banks were the starting point for the widespread anger proliferating across the country. “This country is blowing up, Sean, it’s blowing up,” he said. However, The Donald managed to pin the blame back on President Barack Obama and his advisers, by saying they have failed to fix the problem. “Obama doesn’t know what to do,” he said.

Trump, who appeared on a conference call Monday night with Michele Bachmann, said he is leaning towards a certain presidential candidate but won’t reveal his endorsement until immediately before the primaries.

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