MFI-Miami expands to UK, Canada

Mortgage fraud investigators respond to demand for services from foreigners with U.S. holdings
December 19, 2011 04:09PM

West Palm Beach-based mortgage fraud investigation company MFI-Miami is expanding to the UK and Canada to cater to the increasing demand for its services from foreigners in foreclosure on U.S. property, the company said.

“In the past six months, MFI-Miami has seen a 300 percent increase in the number of emails and phone calls from people in these two countries asking us to assist them in navigating the lending and foreclosure process in places like Florida, Michigan and New York,” said MFI-Miami President Steve Dibert. “Many of these people are facing the same problems as most American homeowners.  The only difference is foreign owners run a higher risk of having the bank take illegal possession of the property because they are not in the US to protect their belongings or their property.”

For now the expansion is limited to two new websites for each country and phone numbers to accommodate callers from those countries. Additional staff could be on the way. — Adam Fusfeld