Related, Shojaee donate to campaigns of approving commissioners

January 16, 2012 02:15PM

From left: Miami-Dade Commissioners Barbara Jordan and Bruno Barreiro

Now that the election year is in full swing, real estate developers have been lining the campaign coffers of Miami-Dade politicians as they try to ease the approval process for their projects. The Miami New Times put the focus on campaign contributions to County Commissioners Bruno Barreiro and Barbara Jordan.

Shoma Development President Masoud Shojaee, through his employees and companies, gave $3,000 to each of their campaigns. Sure enough, Barreiro and Jordan were among the commissioners voted in favor of Shojaee’s proposed limestone rock blast for a project that drew the ire of nearby farmers and environmentalists.

Likewise, businesses that share addresses with the Related Group combined to contribute $6,500 to Barreiro and another $1,500 to Jordan, both of whom had previously approved the allocation of a $3.7 million grant to the developer’s affordable housing project in Little Havana. [Miami New Times]