Sunrise offers $2,000 to buy foreclosed homes

January 26, 2012 03:00PM

Buyers of foreclosed homes in Sunrise are getting up to $2,000 from the city toward home improvement projects, the Sun-Sentinel reported. The Community Development Office is running the program with city funds and advertising it to local real estate agents. It’s been approved it for up 100 home buyers and city officials are trying to get banks to match the funds.

Though Sunrise sales are picking up, according to brokers who estimated that there are 160 properties in Sunrise eligible for the program, the city wants foreclosed properties off the market even more quickly. Further, the incentive may boost local businesses who get more customers for home improvements.

“When these properties are vacant, then it becomes a maintenance problem,” said Mark Lubelski, director of Community Development. “The lawns aren’t maintained, sometimes the windows get broken; they just become an eyesore. We’re just trying to get these props off the market and get families living in them.” [Sun-Sentinel]