Related’s Ross says having Romney as president is “an extraordinary opportunity for America:” VIDEO

January 30, 2012 03:00PM

Related Companies Chairman and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross appeared on CNBC today to explain his support for Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election (see video after the jump), most recently exhibited by a fundraiser he threw for the candidate two weeks ago in Florida.

Though he never conducted business with Romney, Ross cited Romney’s business credentials as the main reason why he would make the best president. Especially since, according to Ross, job creation and private sector growth are the two key issues plaguing the country.

“This country needs Romney,” he said. “It’s an extraordinary opportunity for American that we have a candidate like Romney that can come in in these times.”

When asked about the recent $825 million fund he closed, Ross said the money would be invested in distressed assets mostly in New York, Florida and California. But Related is looking to dispense the money quickly, he quipped, before Romney is elected and improves the economy, forcing prices up.

As for the Dolphins, Ross expressed some faith in his new coaching hire, Joe Philbin, but hinted that he would have liked “that other guy,” Jeff Fisher, who took the St. Louis Rams job.