The Real Deal Miami

Construction workers protest outside Miami-Dade courthouse site

February 17, 2012 01:30PM

While Broward County struggles to get its courthouse off the ground, workers progressing on Miami-Dade’s new courthouse aren’t being paid, according to demonstrators cited in the Miami Herald.

About 40 workers protested outside the construction site where they’ve toiled since October, claiming they haven’t been paid in two weeks and are owed $1,500 each. The workers are reluctant to file a claim because of legal fees, and are hoping Suffolk Construction, which oversees the project, will pay soon, according to the Herald.

Suffolk President Rex Kirby said the firm has been paying workers wages since subcontractor American Pan Enterprises walked off the project and stopped paying two weeks ago. He said the firm is working on compensating workers as soon as possible.

The Herald noted that the protest comes just as legislation is being proposed to void a bill that streamlines the process for workers receiving unpaid wages. Filed by Sen. David Simmons and Rep. Tom Goodson, the bill wants to take the claims out of counties’ hands and into the court system. [Miami Herald]