Commercial development could supplement terminal upgrades at PortMiami

April 04, 2012 04:30PM

PortMiami Director Bill Johnson and the southwest corner of the port that could be the site of future commercial development

A major commercial development plan for the Port of Miami is being floated in front of county and port officials, the Miami Herald reported. The 25-year master plan allows for the previously proposed growth of the cruise and cargo business, while including a mega-yacht marina and commercial development on the southwest corner of the hotel that could include another hotel and up to five office towers catering to international trade businesses.

Prepared by Bermello & Ajamil & Partners, the plan is just a “conversation starter,” Port Director Bill Johnson said. It will be reviewed and ultimately revised by city and county commissioners. But the office and hotel components are seen as crucial revenue generators for the expansion of the cruise and cargo terminals, and the hotel can help provide accommodations for the millions of people that viist the port each year.

The port would likely lease the commercial development land to a private developer in a public-private partnership, and the office space could serve as a new home for Miami’s World Trade Center, the Herald said. [Miami Herald]