Florida law firm requests AGs investigate Wyndham timeshares

Apr.April 27, 2012 04:30 PM

Florida-based law firm Finn Law Group filed requests for investigation to Attorney Generals in 17 states alleging that Wyndham Vacation Ownership Resorts used deceitful timeshare sales methods. Finn collected 101 people who claim to be victims of exploitative sales pitches carried out by Wyndham. They say Wyndham lured them to lengthy sales sessions and pressured them to buy timeshare interests. The firm assured hesitant buyers that it would help them rent units out or buy them back out right, if the buyer wanted to sell or the units became a burden.

But the units were difficult to rent — largely because of escalating meaintenance fees and assessment costs — and Wyndham refused to buy them back, the complaint alleges. Further, the contracts specifically limit the enforceable part of the aggrement only to the pritend temrs, and not the sales pitch promises.

“Wyndham will tell you they do not condone unscrupulous sales tactics,” noted attorney Michael Finn, principal at Finn Law Group. “But these 101 affidavits, filed under oath, tell quite a different story. These are not isolated events, these are regular deceptive business/sales practices not only supported by Wyndham management, but encouraged.”

Florida was one of the 17 states where a consolidated Consumer Complaints and Requests for Investigation was filed. Wyndham operates 16 timeshare resorts in the state, including four in South Florida. They are the Wyndham Palm-Aire in Fort Lauderdale, the Wyndham Royal Vista, the Wyndham Santa Barbara and the Wyndham Sea Gardens, all of which are in Pompano Beach.

Finn also filed the complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Resorts was not immediately available for comment. — Adam Fusfeld

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