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Miami adopts progressive zoning code

May 08, 2012 03:45PM

Downtown Miami

This February, Miami become the first major American city to adopt a “New Urbanist,” pedestrian-friendly zoning code, Miami 21, according to a review by Architecture Newspaper. The new code makes parked cars less visible — by hiding them behind retail and residential buildings – and limits the driveways of single-family homes to the width of one car.

As The Real Deal previously reported, the new code affects a major over-haul of Miami’s Arsht District, which in true New Urbanist spirit features mixed-use developments and public parks. But Miami 21 is only a set of rules for new development and cannot fix Miami’s car-based infrastructure. As the city’s downtown expands with the construction of a $6 million tunnel, several parks, casinos and a tower the height of the Chrysler building, Miami 21’s success will depend on how much the city invests in public transportation. [Architecture Newspaper]