The Real Deal Miami

Palm Beach condo owners trade spaces

June 05, 2012 12:00PM

Two North Breakers Row

A pair of Palm Beach condominium owners traded each other’s spaces this week, the Palm Beach Daily News reported. Roy Zuckerberg purchased Charlotte Marden’s penthouse in Two North Breakers Row for $9.85 million, while Marden bought Zuckerberg’s condo below her property for $4 million. “It was an absolutely perfect transaction and, without a doubt, a win-win for all parties involved,” said broker Lawrence Moens of Lawrence A. Moens Associates, who handled the private deal. The transactions also included swapping the properties’ cabanas. Zuckerberg is a senior director at Goldman Sachs, while Marden is the widow of former investor Bernard Marden. Both condos are on the grounds of the Breakers hotel. [Palm Beach Daily News]