The Real Deal Miami

U.S. Investors shouldn’t fear being pushed out by foreign buyers

June 13, 2012 04:30PM

Despite the recent dominance of foreign investors in Miami’s housing market, it is unlikely that average domestic investors will get pushed or priced out of the housing market, according to U.S. News. Foreign investors spent $82 billion on U.S. real estate last year, but that sum only represents 9 percent of the entire housing market. Many of those international buys are also on the high end of the market that the vast majority of Americans are already unable to afford. “Even though sales [to foreign buyers] have increased year over year, it’s still a relatively small segment at the national level,” said Luis Vergara, director of Mission Capital Advisors. “If anything, international buyers are supporting real estate values in some [metro areas] and it should be seen as a boon that they’re buying.” [USNews]