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How to attract tech tenants to South Florida: opinion

November 05, 2012 01:00PM

Joe Levy

Dismissing much of the conventional wisdom bandied about attracting tech companies to South Florida, Joe Levy, CEO of  clearCi, a Fort Lauderdale-based data organizing and monitoring firm, told the Miami Herald what really brings companies like his to South Florida. According to Levy those attempting to grow the number of tech businesses in South Florida, shouldn’t be looking primarily for investors in Silicon Valley, or in New York’s Silicon Alley, but for local investors — who often already have connections to real estate and other beneficial industries.

Levy also argues that South Florida techies need to look for “untapped technology business opportunities” instead of trying to replicate models that apply to Silicon Valley.

Baring these things in mind, South Florida could grow its already expanding commercial real estate market with a swath of new tech tenants. [Miami Herald]Christopher Cameron