A REIT rundown: how the biggest REITs are faring after the 2012 deal frenzy

While stocks aren't at pre-boom levels, analysts more optimistic than a few months ago
By C.J. Hughes | February 04, 2013 10:00AM

SL Green’s Marc Holliday

From the February issue: After a frenzy of buying and selling in the face of declining stock prices, 2012 ended on an up-note for many of the real estate investment trusts with notable New York holdings. And while the companies’ stock prices have still not reached their pre-boom highs, many analysts are still bullish on the firms, arguing that most of them have deployed the billions they have raised in savvy, strategic ways. In a sense, that rosy outlook marks a sharp reversal in a short span of time. Indeed, just a few months ago, some analysts were guessing that some of the most active New York REITs — including SL Green Realty, Vornado Realty Trust and Boston Properties — might buy up their own stocks in a bid to prop up the trading prices. But now, that added boost doesn’t seem necessary. [more]