Attorneys blame condo board in car crash death

February 20, 2013 01:00PM

The Villas on the Green

Eat your heart out, twinkie defense. The art of unlikely legal argument has been taken to a new level, according to a report from the Palm Beach Post. The attorneys for a woman in court for her role in a car accident that killed a nine year old boy two years ago in West Palm Beach say her condominium board’s rules are to blame for the tragic death, the paper reported.

Helen Bygel, 83, hit the boy as she exited her driveway at the Villas on the Green condo complex. Her attorneys say a combination of hedges that were too high and obscured the boy from her view and the placement of a stop sign resulted in the fatal crash, not any error in judgment by Bygel.

“Mrs. Bygel followed the rules,” her attorney, Matthew Schwencke, said in court, per the Post. “She stopped her car where the Villas on the Green told her to stop.” [Palm Beach Post] –Guelda Voien