“Versailles” house resumes construction

February 22, 2013 11:00AM

The home dubbed “Versailles”

Construction has resumed on the nation’s largest home, the Windermere, Fla. abode of timeshare magnate David Siegel, the Today show reported. The home, which has been dubbed “Versailles,” and was the subject of a documentary by Lauren Greenfield, is slated to be 90,000 square feet and will take another three years to construct, according to an article on the show’s website, Today.com.

Siegel, 77, and his wife Jackie, 47, began constructing the home in 2004, but plans were shelved after the recession hit the timeshare business hard. Siegel, a staunch Republican, is the owner of Westgate Resorts.

The 2012 film, “The Queen of Versailles,” depicts the Siegels as symbols of American extravagance and the boom and bust economy. Siegel filed suit over his depiction in the film, but the suit was dismissed.

When complete, the mansion will include a 30-car garage, a roller rink, three pools, two tennis courts and a bowling alley, Today said. [Today] –Guelda Voien