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“Brazen” real estate company allegedly claiming title to Miami-Dade properties it does not own

March 25, 2013 12:00PM

A dubious company named Presscott Rosche is filing documents claiming ownership of $3.5 million worth of properties, the Miami Herald reported. But not only has the firm claimed title to properties it may not own, it has rented spaces and evicted tenants, the paper said.

Despite spelling and grammar difficulties in many of the filings and mounting allegations from tenants and owners, an ongoing investigation by the Miami-Dade police has yet to result in substantive charges, the Herald said. A Presscott Rosche employee was arrested in November for allegedly burglarizing a vacant home, but prosecutors dropped the case, saying they couldn’t prove the man didn’t have permission to use the house.

Presscott appears to be targeting homes in the midst of foreclosure, a legal limbo known to leave gaping holes for tenants and owners to be swindled, the paper said. A review of Presscott documents showed the agent listed in documents was not a registered real estate agent, and the “attorney in fact,” listed in many filings is not in fact an attorney in the state of Florida.

“They’re brazen,” property owner Frank Lopez, told the Herald. Lopez claimed he found three people from Presscott inside a $700,000 Kendall home he owns. “They forged my signature, forged my wife’s signature.” [Miami Herald] –Guelda Voien