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More construction than government jobs lost in South Florida

In May, construction jobs drop 300 year-over-year after months of minor gains
July 19, 2013 03:00PM

Construction is rising in South Florida

More government jobs in South Florida are being lost than construction jobs, according an analysis of monthly job reports from the Miami Herald.

Both sectors were two of the largest sources of declining employment during the downturn. Miami-Dade County lost 25,000 construction jobs compared to 21,000 jobs in local government since May 2007. Construction has seen deep drops, but the government’s losses have been more long term and more persistent, the Herald said.

Construction jobs in May were down roughly 300 positions from the prior year after months of minor gains. Those jobs are up 30 percent in metro areas. Local government jobs in the county were down 5,200 jobs in May.

Based on a review of each sector’s share of lost jobs each month, local government beat construction in early 2010 and has maintained that, the Herald said. [Miami Herald]Mark Maurer