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Chase donates 300 free, discounted SoFla homes

JPMorgan Chase Bank has sold at a discount or donated 300 corporate-owned homes in Broward and Palm Beach counties as part of the nationwide Community Revitalization Program.

Florida nonprofit housing providers, municipalities, veterans and community groups received 826 homes – a third of which went to South Florida. The bank has donated a total of $250 million in free or discounted homes in all but seven states in the U.S. About 5,300 homes have been a part of the program since it launched in 2009.

The Chase program aims to assist customers and communities in the wake of the housing crisis. [Sun-Sentinel]Mark Maurer

  • George

    So they steal a house from a homeowner who was one or two payments behind. Then Chase forecloses on it cries to the Government and after all that gives it away for free. That makes sense. Big Government… BIG debt.