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A condo bubble or not?

Developers can head off a real estate bust if they examine the lessons of 2007
Peter Zalewski

Peter Zalewski

From the South Florida market report: Condo developers are adamant that the final results of their building frenzy in South Florida — more than 160 towers already, and more to come — will end differently this time around.

The developers confidently proclaim that they have studied — and learned from — the mistakes of the 2007 real estate crash, despite the tri-county region’s history of dramatic booms and devastating busts that dates back nearly a century. [more]

  • yolo

    your grammar in the second paragraph is odd

  • jake

    stop writing the same articles all the time.. its either illegal money for condos, or theres a bubble… thats all he talks about.

  • Lisa

    Hopefully what he says developers can grasp and take to consideration. Last time they cried and could not understand what happened well there you go here people are telling you.