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Heat’s Udonis Haslem pays off 30-year loan after six years

He received $2.4M mortgage when buying Southwest Ranches home

Udonis Haslem and his Southwest Ranches home on Southwest 192nd Terrace

Miami Heat power forward Udonis Haslem has paid off his 30-year mortgage of $2.4 million about 24 years early.

He secured the loan from Citiback in 2007, around the time he acquired the 14,000-square-foot mansion on Southwest 192nd Terrace at the Westfield Estates in Southwest Ranches, an unincorporated Broward County area on the outskirts of the Florida Everglades. The purchase price back then was $3.2 million, Gossip Extra reported.

The 33-year-old’s home was burglarized in April, the Miami Herald had reported.

Last month, former Heat sharpshooter Mike Miller’s waterfront Pompano Beach mansion came back on the market. [Gossip Extra]Mark Maurer

  • SamMiami

    This is a useless article to post up. We look for news in the real estate business not celebrity news. A time frame when someone finished there mortgage is irrelevant and does not matter to us

    • MiamiAgent

      I disagree. This post is somewhat real estate related even though it doesn’t “matter” to you.

      • SamMiami

        No it just seems like they ran our of news so they wrote anything as long as the word miami and real estate was in the article. I mean lets be honest with our selfs, a time frame when someone finishes payments is not real estate news, how does that help us know what is going on. i mean do we personally have a lien on haslems house that we all need to know if he is done paying his mortgage. WHO CARES. Look at the ending of the article it originally came from gossip extra

  • Luis

    I second SamMiami…

  • MIAagent

    I paid for my house in CASH at closing and no one writes an article on me? I’m not even a Heat player or business owner either which makes it even more interesting! Yet people are buying mansions in cash and were hear reading an article that it took him four years ? SO FREAKING WHAT.