Palm Beach attorney: demolition requests must be granted

Architectural Commission can't block development on non-landmarked sites
February 27, 2014 03:00PM

225 Indian Road, Palm Beach

Permits for demolitions of non-landmarked sites must be approved — whether the Architectural Commission likes it or not.

That’s the message the town attorney for Palm Beach, John Randolph, brought to the commission Wednesday, two weeks after the Town Council overruled a decision by the group to defer demolition of a property even though it wasn’t protected.

Developer David Frisbie, who had sought to clear the existing building at 225 Indian Road, had appealed to the council, which subsequently granted him the permit, the Palm Beach Daily News reported.

“The council sustained the appeal on the basis the commission does not have the authority just because they think a house is worth saving to say that you can’t demolish it,” Randolph told the commission. “The president of the Town Council was very adamant that you stick to your charge and not attempt to save homes that aren’t within your jurisdiction to save.”

Randolph himself had the idea a few years ago to float demolition applications by landmarks before they were granted, but the council rejected it. [Palm Beach Daily News] — Angela Hunt