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Doral to request $1 million to stop seasonal flooding

Developers could benefit from drainage projects to protect new buildings
February 28, 2014 03:45PM

Flooding in Doral

Flooding in Doral

Getting funding for a slew of stormwater drainage projects to stop widespread seasonal flooding is at the very top of Doral’s priorities for the upcoming lawmaking session.

The city’s council has already briefed its preeminent lobbyist, Ron Book, on the $1 million request he’ll be pushing for Tallahassee. The undertaking is one of several recommended projects that will cost a total of $7 million.

Book is confident he can score the money from the state, as well as grant money to build a cultural center, the Miami Herald reported.

“Are we optimistic about your water project? Yes,” he said. “Am I optimistic about your cultural facilities project? Yes.”

Protecting structures from seasonal flooding would be beneficial for development in the fledgling city, which has seen a flurry of development since it was incorporated just 11 years ago. [Miami Herald] — Angela Hunt