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Genting, Jorge Perez discuss development partnership

Owner of former Miami Herald headquarters reaches out to Related Group CEO
Former Miami Herald headquarters (inset: Jorge Perez)

Former Miami Herald headquarters (inset: Jorge Perez)

Unable to get Florida Legislature approval to build a destination casino since acquiring the former Miami Herald headquarters three years ago, Genting reached out to Jorge Perez to see if the Related Group would be interested in partnering on a mixed-use project at the waterfront site.

Perez told the Herald an executive with the Malaysian gaming giant recently reached out to him about a development partnership. Genting is believed to be pursuing a hotel, condo and retail project on the 14 acres in downtown Miami. The Related Group chairman and CEO described the discussion as preliminary.

“They called me to see if I’m interested in maybe developing together,” Perez said. “We’ll probably talk again. It’s a great site.”

Genting also refuted marketplace rumors that the company is looking to sell its downtown land. Christian Goode, president of Genting’s Resorts World Miami, told the Herald in a written statement the company is focused on developing the site.

Goode declined to address the company’s talks with Perez. [Miami Herald]Eric Kalis

  • Today Jorge wrote a letter to the editor of The Miami Herald. He is against gambling. I guess that won’t be in the mix.

  • Glenn E. Gromann

    Gambling needs to be in the mix. We are a tourist state. The first mixed use/destination casino that gets built gets the Related buyers who will flock to such a venue. When Cuba is finally free (to include unlimited gambling) they will all be buying in Havana and there will be ZERO Related Miami sales. Gambling is a powerful economic driver in a heavy tourist/hospitality state. If people had a choice to either be in Nevada (or for that matter New Jersey) or Florida–Florida wins every time. Great weather, lots of things to do, great night life, great beaches–year round. I don’t get that people can’t figure that out. Tourist revenue will quadruple with gambling? Related would sell 50% more product in South Florida with gambling.

  • Nelson P.

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