Riverwalk section faces marine industry opposition

Walkway would block an important navigation point for ships
June 19, 2014 03:00PM


Fort Lauderdale’s long-awaited Riverwalk is facing a new hurdle: whether the New River can accommodate both the city’s marine and tourist industries.

Captains and marine officials are opposing a section of Riverwalk that would extend nearly 30 feet out over the river in front of the Stranahan House, according to the Sun-Sentinel. That section would connect the city’s promenade with the Las Olas Boulevard restaurant and shopping district.

That piece of water, however, is one of the few places on the river where large boats can turn around or safely pass another vessel.

“This may be a wide part of the river, but that doesn’t mean it’s all navigable,” Marine Advisory Board Chairman Barry Flanigan said in a statement. “It’s already a challenge to navigate the river. Why did they have to encroach into the river 29 feet?”

In an attempt to find a solution, Chris Wren, executive director of the Downtown Development Authority, said he’ll meet with Flanigan to determine what the minimum river width needs to be. [Sun-Sentinel]Christopher Cameron