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Chad Carroll nabs bigger condo at downtown’s Marquis

"Million Dollar Listing Miami" star pays $1.2 million for three-bedroom unit

July 01, 2014 10:30AM
By Eric Kalis

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Chad Carroll

Chad Carroll

“Million Dollar Listing Miami” star Chad Carroll upgraded to a bigger condo at the Marquis Residences in downtown Miami, The Real Deal has learned.

The Douglas Elliman executive vice president paid $1.2 million for a 2,106-square-foot unit on the 46th floor of the 1100 Biscayne Boulevard tower, according to Miami-Dade County records. The county recorded the transaction on Monday. Carroll received a $926,250 loan from Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust for the three-bedroom condo.

Stephen Watson of Arizona sold the unit to Carroll. Watson paid $820,167 for the condo in June 2011. Marquis was completed in 2009.

Carroll already owns a two-bedroom 1,557-square-foot unit on the 45th floor at Marquis. He paid $727,500 for it in September 2013. The broker told Gossip Extra in May that he put the condo on the market with a $1 million asking price.

Bravo aired the debut episode of “Million Dollar Listing Miami” last week.

  • sean

    The funniest part of this article is his title at DouglasElliman, I promise they probably have over 300 executive vice presidents lol. I have met and seen more executive vice presidents from their office than any other company not just real estate has. How do you even feel promoted or special when every one has the same title even when they don’t sell as much or offer as much ??/??

    • miamibroker

      Its a title given based on production not just to anyone so those who have it are in the same production category. Just so happens a lot of brokers at Elliman actually produce. By the way, who really cares?

      • Chad C

        What Sean was meaning to say is that is a little confusing, and that typically only in real estate do you see so many of the same titles. If they are all that great then they should be labeled as RealtorII or RealtorIII not executive vice president. That term if you look up on how companies are organized has no significance on what they do. Theres no way you truly have 300 executive vice presidents over looking the firm, the budgets, firing, hiring, ect, ect. They should use a different name. Not that Chad doesn’t deserve it but it makes no sense.

        • Al Czervik

          No, it isn’t only in Real Estate. Titles, like EVP, are prevalent in most financial services. Ask someone who has a need for a financial planner or personal banker. Those titles are earned by production level.

          • Chad C

            EVP is prevalent in almost every freaking company… nice AL CZERVIK ! DUHHHHHH

          • jake

            Yeah seriously Al come one man. The point the original commenter was trying to get across is usually in one office you have one EVP. If 10 people in the office can produce the same amount then why do all of them deserve an EVP status???

          • Realtorcarmeng

            This debate is much better and, more action that watching Million Dollar Listing Miami

        • miamibroker

          Buddy – don’t blame the standard industry practices for your confusion. Douglas Elliman operates like a legit, New York based company similarly to the financial services sector mentioned by Al. Sorry if the Banana Republic of Miami isn’t used to this model.

          Realtor II? Realtor III? To even be a “Realtor” you have to join a board; its not automatic when you get a license. You’re a real estate sales associate. With that being said, who are you to weigh in on the significance and job description of an EVP in a sales capacity? Do you think brokers just waltz into a condo and sell it? There’s a lot of work and dollars that goes selling real estate. I invite you to try sometime and experience all the joys of brokerage.

          Clearly by your post you don’t know what marketing budgets or the day-to-day that EVP’s DO manage. And if you’re looking for more transparency then maybe pick a better set of titles to argue your point. Come on. Realtor III is clear? What does that even mean? There’s nothing to be confused about if you’re educated and know the business. Sorry.

          • Chad C

            I am developer you moron. Yes i know everything about budgets and marketing considering im forking over all of the money for the whole damn building to be built. I take the RISK you don’t. Your points are not valid at all and your argument is horrible. The title names were a reference to municipality like i stated but you clearly read over that. I know many realtors that work in development sales that ” do just walk in” and get listings. Get your head of your A**

          • miamibroker

            Whoa. I didn’t mean to insult a developer! Last I checked, the (borderline) sophisticated developers these days are minimally using 50% of the deposits to finance the hard costs of constructions along with equity partners. I highly doubt you are “forking over all the money.” You must be on some other level!

            My points are valid. My argument is fantastic – especially when I cringe reading your poor grammar/writing. Comparing independent contractors selling real estate with salaried municipal government employees is obviously a really great argument. You must be some kind of wizard turning apples into oranges.

            Since all brokers do is show up, smile and get listings I wonder why so many developers higher brokerages to sell their buildings? You must be the real moron if you’re paying all those fees for essentially nothing. (Not withstanding that most banks won’t lend you a damn dime without a legit company selling your building)

            I digress.

            If you’re a real developer maybe you should spend less time worrying about the titles of the brokers you need to sell you buildings on a real estate blog and focus on their sales. Because really that’s all the developers should really be worried about.

            On a side note:
            The title ‘developer’ doesn’t impress me these days since every other person you meet thinks he has the credentials to build a building. Let the brokers call themselves whatever they want if you want your investor-driven, poorly designed Edgewater and Brickell projects to ever get off the ground.

            And again, the titles are based on production levels. If ten, twenty or a million guys sell at high volume then maybe you should be congratulating them for selling your properties instead of criticizing. At the end of the day, no one really cares…except for a few ‘developers’ out there.

            Give me a break.

          • miamibroker

            *Note – I put in three grammar errors on there just for a few self-serving giggles. See if you can point them out.

          • Gisel

            OH this guy is fancy !! Where’s Waldo guys?!!?!

          • miamibroker

            Fancy like some ketchup or a Drake song from three years ago.

          • Gisel


          • jake

            ^ This guy is a joke. Go sell a condo.

          • william r.livesay

            The only thing I saw wrong was “Higher brokerages.”

  • Mark Zitsbank

    I earned my Vice Presidency. But it’s not the point: I have
    a perfect listing in Marquis on 37 floor, 2 stories, corner, over 2000 sf, less
    than $1.2 M