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Miami Worldcenter to create 33K jobs: developer

Firm claims site will give rise to 14K permanent jobs
Rendering of Bloomingdale’s at the Mall at Miami Worldcenter

Rendering of Bloomingdale’s at the Mall at Miami Worldcenter

One of the largest mixed-use developments in the U.S., Miami’s multi-billion dollar Worldcenter development, is expected to create thousands of jobs in South Florida.

A study by developer Miami Worldcenter Associates and the Orlando-based financial consulting firm Fishkind & Associates estimated that the 25-acre project would generate some 33,500 jobs. According to the study, 14,000 permanent jobs will be created by the project, including 8,000 full-time positions at the center, in addition to 6,000 indirect jobs created by other businesses.

Beyond that, the consulting firm determined that a total of 19,500 construction and temporary jobs could be created from the first phase.

The developers — Miami Worldcenter Associates, the Forbes Co. and Taubman — submitted plans to the city for the first phase of the 25-acre project earlier this week, which includes a convention space, 1,800-room hotel, 1,000-unit residential space and a 765,000-square-foot luxury shopping center.

The developers expect to break ground on the mall in the fourth quarter, and its slated to open in late 2016. [SF Business Journal]Sasha von Oldershausen

  • Jake

    My question is are you creating more construction jobs? or are those people that are working already have jobs? If everyone is transferred from one project to the next you did not create more jobs?

  • AC

    Exactly what South Florida needs more retail jobs! Who needs those silly high paying IT jobs??….. Finally…somebody “gets it”…..oh….wait…never mind.

    • mallenby

      Welcome to the “new America” where the middle class is only found in history books (if they even allow references to them). The progressive movement that has taken hold in this country will COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the middle class and only servant type positions will exist. This is what happens under a big government that tamps down on the free enterprise market and is only interested in subjects that make sheep like sounds. It’s what folks voted for and it’s what they are getting even if they did not really understand what they voted for.

      • AC

        Please, no offense intended…but the fact that you use the term “progressives”….suggests that you listen to Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh……please look at BOTH parties to blame. In fact…you are actually alluding to Ayn Rand objectivism….something Paul Ryan and Romney adhere to. Unions help create the middle class…and yet conservatives constantly attack them. Lets be fair in our criticism.

        • mallenby

          Yes, both parties are to blame, however one party runs the show currently and that is the uber progressive Barry Soetero… or whatever he is calling himself these days. make no mistake liberal policies will result in the destruction of the middle class and middle class jobs. Most of the one’s remaining will be working for the government who will monitor every second on the clock including how many seconds are spent in the bathroom. BTW there is a lot of wisdom to be taken from the folks you name. I am in agreement with a lot of what they say. beck… I’m not on board with the religious stuff. I want freedom and liberals do not represent freedom.

  • Skip Van Cel

    The bullshit is getting so deep I can’t find waders high enough.