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Residents join coalition in fight against condo terminations

Owners in Boynton Beach complex hook up with statewide group
July 10, 2014 04:31PM

Via Lugano

Via Lugano

A group of Boynton Beach condominium owners have joined a new statewide coalition to lobby lawmakers for protection against condo terminations.

An alliance of about 20 condominium owners — Floridians Against Condo Terminations — has been fighting against the corporate takeover of their community.

Residents of Via Lugano filed a lawsuit last month against a Massachusetts-based company to stop them from using a 2007 amendment to a state law to force them to sell their homes at fair market value. The residents claim that Via Lugano became a condominium before the 2007 amendment and is therefore only subject to the laws on the books before then.

Florida condo law dictates that a condominium can be dissolved if 80 percent of owners agree to vacate. At Via Lugano, in Boynton Beach, Northland Lugano, LLC owns 93 percent of the units.

Since many Via Lugano residents bought their units at the height of the market, they’d be losing money if they sold the condos at current values. [Palm Beach Post] — Claire Moses