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Historic Miami cabin in peril again

But some locals are looking to preserve the small piece of Miami history
November 12, 2014 04:30PM


Troeger House

For decades, the Troeger House, a one-room wooden cabin, has been at the center of a battle with developers. Now, it is once again facing county bulldozers.

A developer hopes to level the 65-year-old home, east of South Dixie Highway and 156th Street in Palmetto Bay, to make way for a two-story suburban house, according to the Miami Herald.

Backed by the county’s historic preservation board, the developer claims that the little wooden home is unsafe.

“The property is in such bad condition, poor care and in a bad state that it is an unattractive nuisance,” said Guillermo Alvarez of Turquino Development Group, which purchased the property in July for about $77,000.

But to some locals, bulldozing the 795-square foot cabin, which was designated as historic in 1999, would be like erasing a slice of history.

“Destroying the cabin is destroying something that represents ecology, history, a man’s attempt to live with nature. That should be respected,” Rick Ferrer, who used to sit on the county preservation board and studies historic structures, told the newspaper. “Such a unique man, such a unique story, and we’re going to get rid of it because it doesn’t look like everything else around here.” [Miami Herald] – Christopher Cameron