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Doral Council looks to uproot Trump’s trees

City will invest at least $50,000 to fight Donald's Silver Course beautification project
November 13, 2014 02:15PM

Silver Course in Doral Park

Silver Course in Doral Park

The Doral City Council decided to invest at least $50,000 in legal advice. They’re hoping to find legal grounds to trim back Donald Trump’s walls of trees.

More than 2,500 homeowners have complained about Trump’s beautification project at the Silver Course in Doral Park, which added view-blocking trees around the perimeter of the golf course, according to the Miami Herald.

“We’ve diligently been troubleshooting the issue,” City Attorney Dan Espino said. “But we’ve run out of code. There is no silver bullet that can simply cause the resort to remove their plantings.” [Miami Herald]Christopher Cameron