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Boca Raton temporarily allowing taller buildings downtown

The Mark at CityScape is being considered a test case
The Mark at CityScape in Boca Raton

Rendering of The Mark at CityScape in Boca Raton

Buildings in downtown Boca Raton aren’t supposed to be taller than nine or 10 stories that measure 100 feet, with some allowed extra height for decorative additions.

However, temporary rules are allowing the city to construct taller buildings downtown if certain design guidelines are met. The Mark at CityScape is being considered a test case, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Located near the southeast corner of Palmetto Park Road and Federal Highway, the Mark was approved in 2012 to reach 12 stories at 140 feet — or 40 feet taller than the official height limit for downtown. When the building opens in early 2015, the city plans to re-evaluate whether such taller buildings are ideal for Boca.

There are four other proposed downtown projects, including a 12-story hotel right next to the Mark, and a 200-unit apartment building which could reach 13 stories at 300 South Federal Highway. [Sun Sentinel]Kristina Puga

  • Glenn E. Gromann

    The word “temporary” is somewhat inaccurate. The Interim Design Guidelines (“IDG”) were passed as the result of a City Ordinance in 2008 and have been operational ever since. There is a complete public record of the same. What’s new is that Downtown Boca has attracted among others, high-end condo developers as the multi-family boom wanes. Downtown has undergone a positive transformation which continues, including upgraded infrastructure, high-end restaurants and retail (Lord & Taylor) and luxury apartments. The Downtown is on the rise, is vibrant and is living up to its international recognition. Great work by the CRA.

  • Franco

    Good bye, Boca :Raton. For those of us who have lived here many years, this spells the end of our small city. In 10 years, Boca will be indistinguishable from Fort Lauderdale or Miami, i.e, in the height of its buildings. Money and corruption win again!

  • Delray Local

    Good bye Boca? International recognition?

    Boca has been gone a long time ago, lol.
    I can assure you that no one Internationally is talking about what a great downtown Boca has, lol. (Boca as a whole city of course is well known but not their little downtown.)
    Their problem is that it is so disjointed and lacks cohesion. They also have nothing going on at their beaches with terrible parking and access. You guys do have us beat with plenty of office space though.

    However Delray Beach’s downtown goes all the way from I-95 to A1A and is conveniently laid out with plenty of parking and an incredible active beach with bars, restaurants, and hotels. (Boca should have built a hotel on Palmetto and A1A instead of yet another boring condo, that would have been a catalyst for that part of their downtown.)
    We still keep that small town feel with building heights kept no higher than 4 stories too.