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Goldman Properties leases space to Warby Parker in Wynwood

Brand's first freestanding store in Miami will occupy 1,600 square feet
March 24, 2015 09:45AM

Jessica Goldman Srebnick cropped_by_Mia Nunez

Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties

Goldman Properties has leased a space in Wynwood to Warby Parker, marking the stylish eyewear brand’s first freestanding store in Miami.

The Warby Parker Annex will open on Saturday, March 28, at 215 Northwest 25th Street, according to Jessica Goldman Srebnick.

“Warby Parker is the perfect fit to our dynamic repertoire of tenants,” Goldman Srebnick said in a statement. “They will love being a part of Wynwood as much as we will love and appreciate having them in the neighborhood.”

The Warby Parker Annex will have 1,600 square feet in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District. The store will have “swimming pool-patterned floors, tropical plants, and an overhead photo booth that recreates your classic lounging-by-the-water moment,” according to a release. The store’sexterior features a mural created by street artists DALeast and Cryptik during Art Basel 2014 as part of the Wynwood Walls sponsored exhibition, The Art of Collaboration.

Other nearby tenants of Goldman Properties in Wynwood include Panther Coffee, Zak the Baker, Orange Pedal, Frangipani, JugoFresh, Junior & Hatter and Del Toro Showroom.

Warby Parker has a showroom at The Standard in Miami Beach. — Ina Cordle