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Miami ranks fourth in top 10 healthiest cities

Miami praised for its air quality and organic food options
April 06, 2015 12:00PM


A woman jogging along a beach

Miami was ranked as the fourth in a list of the 10 healthiest cities in the country, according to Livability.

The publication cited Miami’s low obesity rate — 12 percent below the national average — and the city’s plentiful exercise opportunities as reasons why Miami is a great place to live. There’s hiking in the Everglades National Park, biking along the 30-mile South Dade Trail, or canoeing on Oleta River.

Other factors that played into Miami’s top-5 spot was its high doctor-to-resident ratio, highly ranked healthcare, abundant options for eating organic food and good air quality, according to the list.

Minneapolis, Minnesota took the number one spot because of its park system, which covers 17 percent of the city, as well as low percentages of residents who smoke or are uninsured.

At the bottom of the list was Yonkers, New York, which was valued for its walkable neighborhoods and green program that recycles Styrofoam and fitted buildings with solar panels. — Sean Stewart-Muniz