The September/October issue of Luxury Listings NYC is live!

Tim Gunn graces the cover
By Stuart Elliott | September 09, 2016 04:30PM

Jay McInerney (left) and Tim Gunn (photo credit: Studio Scrivo)

From left: Jay McInerney and Tim Gunn (credit: STUDIO SCRIVO)

From Luxury Listings NYC: The September/October issue of Luxury Listings is here, and we are thrilled to have on our cover the dapper “Project Runway” star, Tim Gunn. In our profile, the fashion star talks about the success of the show, gets in a few digs at athleisure wear and celebrity designers, and weighs in on young people today (and their motivation, or lack thereof).

There are many kinds of authors, and our second profile subject, Jay McInerney, is clearly not the kind who finds himself writing in a cabin in the Carpathians with no running water or electricity, hiding out from some repressive political regime while he completes his magnum opus. As our profile details, McInerney is the kind of writer who is married to a member of the Hearst clan, who pens a column about wine for a glossy shelter magazine, who is fawned over by maître d’s when he shows up to top restaurants in New York without a reservation, and who checks into a hotel when the air-conditioning in his penthouse in Greenwich Village is on the fritz. [more]