PB County may get an artificial wave lake for surfers

Wave technology from surfing champion Kelly Slater would power Surf Ranch Florida

Mar.March 18, 2017 03:15 PM

Kelly Slater surfing an artificial wave (Source: RedBull.com)

Palm Beach County may get a man-made surfing lake with technology developed by a firm headed by Kelly Slater, an 11-time world surfing champion.

The World Surf League proposed the development with wave technology developed by the Kelly Slater Wave Co.

The proposed development, called Surf Ranch Florida, would unfold on 80 acres west of Jupiter off Beeline Highway in the Palm Beach Park of Commerce.

Slater, a native of Cocoa Beach in Central Florida, already has incorporated his company’s technology at a wave park in California. The speed, shape and height of the artificial waves are adjustable.

Videos released by Slater’s company since December 2015 show that the company’s technology can produce strong waves that surfers can ride for an entire minute. Surfers usually ride waves off the South Florida coast for well under a minute.

Surf Ranch Florida would allow for year-round surfing. During summer, the Atlantic Ocean off South Florida is usually flat, and during the rest of the year, waves suitable for surfing are infrequent. [Sun-Sentinel] Mike Seemuth

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