The state of RECon: What you need to know for ICSC this year

Sure there will be more no-shows in Vegas this year, but plenty of first-timers, too
By Adam Pincus | May 19, 2017 12:45PM

From the Retail issue: With retail in the throes of a major transition, attendees are expecting a bit of a cloud over this year’s ICSC RECon in Las Vegas, billed as the world’s largest retail real estate event.

Certain old friends may not be there. Some deals are “distressed.” But brokers from around the country still look to the annual conference as a bellwether for the year to come.

The International Council of  Shopping Centers’ convention, May 21 to 24, is expected to attract its usual 37,000 attendees, according to an ICSC spokesperson. But some longtime attendees are either not going or significantly cutting back on the number of representatives they are sending, citing the slowdown in retail sales. [more]