Zika infections are well below Florida’s 2016 level

Year to date, new Zika infections across Florida total 180. The total in 2016 was 1,456

October 01, 2017 01:00 PM

The state health department has reported 93 new Zika infections so far this year in South Florida. The total in 2016 was 597.

Reported cases of Zika infection have plunged in Florida this year, sparing the state from further declines in tourist traffic due to the mosquito-borne virus.

This year, the state health department has reported 180 Zika infections in Florida, a fraction of the 1,456 cases reported throughout 2016.

State officials also have determined that Florida has no active zones with ongoing local transmission of the Zika virus.

A large majority of this year’s infections were brought to Florida by people who travel from Zika-transmission zones in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Year to date, the Florida Department of Health has reported 93 new Zika infections this year in tri-county South Florida, well behind the pace of last year, when the number of reported infections totaled 597.

The state health department also reported that the year-to-date number of pregnant women with the Zika infection is 101 statewide. The number last year totaled 299.

County-level mosquito control agencies and health departments have hosted community events to discuss such Zika-avoidance tips as using mosquito repellant and dumping standing water from flower pots and other small containers. [Tampa Bay Times]Mike Seemuth

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