Want to buy a home without breaking the bank? Order it from Amazon

For a couple thousand, you could get the pre-fabricated abode you've always dreamed of

October 15, 2017 09:00 AM

The online retailer sells pre-fabricated houses for around $3,500 to $36,000 in different sizes and styles. (Wikimedia Commons / Pixabay)

From TRD New York: Home buying is down among millennials, but maybe Amazon can offer a ray of hope.

The online retailer sells pre-fabricated houses for between about $3,500 to $36,000 in different sizes and styles, so you can pick out your dream home from the comfort of your couch or bed, and get it delivered.

It’s a time-tested approach to saving money and getting a place to lay your head; people used to do in the old days too — only they ordered their kit homes out of catalogs — and, a century later, these mail order homes are worth big bucks.

The catch is that most houses aren’t on Prime, and the land where you could assemble your new place is, obviously, not included. Those details aside, if you went house shopping for an Amazon house, which one would you get?

Pre-fabricated Tiny Home


$36,000 plus shipping
320 square feet

Allwood Kit Cabin Getaway


244 square feet (includes a loft)

Allwood Kit Cabin Lillevilla Escape


113 square feet

Allwood Garden House Kit Arlanda


180 square feet

Allwood Ranger Kit Cabin


259 square feet plus 168-square-foot loft

Allwood Cabin Lillevilla Weekender


75 square feet plus 143-square-foot terrace

Allwood Timberline


354 square feet plus 129-square-foot loft

Allwood Bella


244 square feet (includes a loft)

Allwood Kit Cabin Summerlight


150 square feet

— E.K. Hudson

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