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Ram Realty affiliate to pay $2M in damages to West Palm law firm

Law firm's building collapsed in 2016 after part of the facade of the Alexander Lofts fell on it
June 26, 2018 10:30AM

William Price and the Alexander Lofts Apartments in Downtown West Palm Beach (Credit: Alexander Lofts and William W. Price, PA)

A heap of bricks falling from a six-story apartment building and onto a one-story law office below is resulting in $2 million worth of damages.

On Monday, a six-person jury awarded William W. Price, P.A., and his company Five Solas, LLC, about $1.5 million in damages, plus $500,000 in costs.

The costs will cover rebuilding, business losses, emergency expenses and the cost of renting temporary space nearby, according to the Palm Beach Post. The jury rejected $385,000 sought for the loss of business revolving around media coverage of the event.

The building’s property owner and manager are tied to Ram Realty Services. Last May, Palm Beach Circuit Judge Meenu Sasser granted summary judgment in favor of the law firm owners.

The building collapsed in 2016, when part of the facade of the Alexander Lofts apartment building at 320 Fern Street crumbled and rained bricks on the law office, injuring a handful of people.

Alexander Lofts, built in the 1920s, is a former Bell Telephone building. Records show an entity tied to Ram Realty, Sodix Firm LLC, paid $5.1 million for the property in 2012. [PalmBeachPost] — Amanda Rabines